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1780 Hughes Landing Blvd, Suite 400

The Woodlands, TX 77380

(281) 367-5757




Our Delight is in the Details

Over the past four decades, Benchmark has carefully crafted an approach to hospitality development, management, marketing and sales that’s made us an industry leader in experiential travel. Our entrepreneurial mindset from one end of the organization to the other helps us stay mentally agile and creatively innovative so we can consistently surpass the expectations of our stakeholders and ownership.

Our home office team operates under the philosophy that “there are no cash registers in the Home Office.” In other words, our central purpose is to deliver strategic and operational value to our on-site management teams who are working on the frontlines every day to satisfy our guests, create meaningful travel experiences and deliver value to our property owners.



Jeff McIntyre, President

Phone: (281) 367-5757


Mitch Garrett, Vice President Business Development

Phone: (281) 367-5757


Claire Lieberman, Senior Director, Development

Phone: (281) 367-5757


Candace Johnson, Business Development & Feasibility

Phone: (281) 367-5757

We Deliver

Skip We Deliver
  • Decades of proven global expertise in hospitality development and management
  • Seasoned and unrivaled support infrastructure for surpassing stakeholder expectations
  • Industry-recognized innovation and trailblazing multidisciplinary proficiency
  • Customer-centric culture and passionate commitment to consistently Be the Difference
  • Entrepreneurial emphasis and focus on specialization, not standardization
  • Dedication to creating curated and transformational travel experiences

Exceeding Expectations, Exceptionally

Skip Exceeding Expectations, Exceptionally
  • We take the separation of ownership and management seriously, and we do everything we can to act in our owners’ best interests.
  • Our team is passionate about what they do and whom they do it for. Every success we have begins with our talented and dedicated staff.
  • Thanks to our diverse portfolios, we never assume that everything we do works for every property. We approach each project with fresh eyes and empower our managers to think on their feet.
  • Since our services span all phases of a project, from feasibility analyses to construction to operational management, we have a seasoned support infrastructure and a vantage point that’s deep and wide.
  • Our Owner Advisory Group capitalizes on a unique combination of real estate and operational expertise mixed with high-level entrepreneurial creativity to serve owners who demand high performance for their properties.

"Our clients pay us to get things right. Nevertheless, we do have a responsibility to them to try new ways, ideas and approaches to the business. We also must have the wisdom to learn from both our success and our failures"

- Burt Cabañas (Benchmark Chairman)